∅G-DOGS, ZOM n°4, publié en avril 2023.
Un fanzine sur évolution spéculative des chiens dans l’espace. En Anglais.
10.5*14.8cm, noir & blanc, impression laser sur papier. 8 pages.

The dog, Canis lupus familiaris, has followed Homo sapiens everywhere for 15,000 years.
Naturally when Homo sapiens left Earth for space, dogs followed them.
Generation after generation of natural and artificial selection adapted them to their new environments.
This little booklet focuses on dog breeds living in low to 0-gravity artificial habitats.

01: The Spider Sighthound uses its claws and elongated middle toes to grab things and move itself in zero-gravity.

02: The Bloodhound is selected and genetically modified for its olfaction. It can detect chemical leaks in habitats.

03: Patous de Station are both companions and protectors. The breed reached great sizes after a few generations in zero-G.

04: The Dachshund & Pug are companion dog breeds that have been selected to develop traits suited to space habitats and are impossible to maintain on the ground.

05: The Yorkshire Glider has developed skin membranes that help it glide in low-G environments